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How do I get started?

Joining The Ultimate Shape Up is easy! Simply click 'join today' to enter your details and to select your fitness level and goal you wish to set for your program.

If you are a part of a corporate group, simply enter your Promo Code to receive your discount.

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I have taken the first step to kick start my lifestyle transformation – now what?

Once you join The Ultimate Shape Up you will receive a welcome email that will provide you with all the information you need to help you get ready for your program and your first challenge week.

Your meal and exercise plans will be delivered to you on a weekly basis. The delicious recipe catalogue will also be available to you from week one of your program.

You will also receive a weekly email that will provide you with essential fitness, nutrition and motivation tips that will help keep you focused and encouraged to achieve your ultimate goal!

Getting started with the program that is right for you


Choose Your Fitness Level

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The Beginners program is designed for individuals who currently don't exercise at all or do little exercise throughout the week. This level is the base level for people looking to improve their overall health and fitness and would like to start increasing their level of physical activity.

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The Intermediate program is designed for individuals that currently already enjoy some level of regular physical activity. This level provides a variety of intermediate exercises that will help you progress towards a healthier body and increased cardiovascular endurance.

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The Advanced program is designed for individuals who already exercise 4+ times per week and who are looking to push harder in every session, looking for motivation or simply a new challenge. This is the most challenging exercise plan offered in The Ultimate Shape Up.


Choose Your Fitness & Nutrition Goal

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Weight Loss

Wanting to shed that unwanted body fat and meet the healthier you? Weight loss is the goal for you. This program is designed to help you increase your metabolism to get the fat burning.

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Tone & Fit

Perfect for those that are already in reasonable shape, have been exercising intermittently, and are looking for that next challenge to increase stamina, get toned, lean and lose that last bit of body fat.

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Increase Lean Mass

Whether you have a genetically thin build, fall in the underweight body mass category, have a very physically active lifestyle or simply want to optimize your physique with lean muscle mass this is the goal for you.

What to expect throughout The Ultimate Shape Up journey


During Your 12 Week Program

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Weekly Fitness Schedule

We provide vitalising and challenging weekly workout plans that are specifically generated based on the 12-week goal you set and your level of fitness.

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Access to Healthy Recipes

Our catalogue of 200 delicious recipes is available once you join! Here, you can search for meals based on your desired Nutrition Program.

Stay motivated, there are no excuses

Keeping you Motivated

Sticking with any new health plan can be a challenge - but it's always worth it! That's why we will provide you with the help and support you need every step of the way.

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Resources & Tools

We will provide you with great tools to help you keep track of your progress! This includes a nutrition and exercise diary, plus a personalised weight tracker tool.

Weekly schedules and plans for your program

Week to Week

Each week (from the weekday you registered on), the next weekly exercise and meal plans will become available. You will have access to these in your account.

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Support Available

Whether this is your first diet & exercise program or you are a seasoned campaigner, don't be afraid to ask for support if or when you need it.

It's Time To Get Started!

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