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Exercise & Fitness

Vitalising daily workout plans specifically generated based on the 12 week goal you set and your level of fitness. Now is the time to start feeling fitter, stronger & healthier!

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Food & Nutrition

An amazing variety of delicious recipes specialised to meet your individual weight goals. Our yummy recipes cover breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and even desert!

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Maintaining a positive attitude towards your program can be a challenge! Our team are dedicated to keeping you motivated by providing weekly tips and advice.

Weekly workout themes

You will be introduced to a different workout theme each week to keep your fitness program varied, motivate you to push yourself to new limits and achieve your ultimate fitness goal.

Over 200 nutritious recipes

The program has over 200 delicious and nutritious recipes for you to choose from. Simply select your preferred meals that are most suited to your fitness program and make a plan for the week ahead!

Suitable for Every Fitness Level

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The Beginners program is designed for individuals who currently don't exercise at all or do little exercise throughout the week. This level is the base level for people looking to improve their overall health and fitness and would like to start increasing their level of physical activity.

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The Intermediate program is designed for individuals that currently already enjoy some level of regular physical activity. This level provides a variety of intermediate exercises that will help you progress towards a healthier body and increased cardiovascular endurance.

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The Advanced program is designed for individuals who already exercise 4+ times per week and who are looking to push harder in every session, looking for motivation or simply a new challenge. This is the most challenging exercise plan offered in The Ultimate Shape Up.

Comprehensive Fitness Programs

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Weight Loss

Are you aiming to shed that unwanted body fat and meet the healthier you? Then the weight loss program is for you! This program is designed to help you increase your metabolism and get that fat burning!

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Tone & Fit

Perfect for those that are already in reasonable shape, have been exercising intermittently, and are looking for that next challenge to increase stamina, muscle tone and lose that last bit of unwanted fat.

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Increase Lean Mass

Whether you fall in the underweight body mass category, have a very physically active lifestyle or simply wanting to optimise your physique with lean muscle mass, then this is the program for you.

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